Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Pressurized Solar Water Heater

A pressurized solar water heater makes use of more than just gravity to move hot water around the house. Pressurized solar water heaters usually feature an enclosed heating unit consisting of copper tubes connected indirectly to the tank. The tank in this system doesn't have to be placed on the roof next to the solar heating copper tubes. It can be placed in the house or under the roof without compromising on the water pressure.

A pressurized solar water heater uses a pump to deliver the hot water to the house for use. As such, the water is delivered quickly and at high pressures for ease of use. These kinds of systems are used where hot water needs to be connected to two or three external outlets for use. It could be multiple bathrooms or bathrooms in different rooms in a hotel, etc.

In this kind of system, the water tank doesn't have to be on the roof of the house. As such there aren't any unsightly installations on the roof. Chances of damage to the roof are also minimized. The tank of a pressurized solar water heater is usually reinforced to withstand the pressure and can be heavy. If you already have an insulated tank installed, a pressurized solar water heater can be custom made to use your tank.

Although the pressurized solar water heaters are more expensive than non pressurized ones, they are more robust and offer high accessibility. Also, since the water is delivered quickly from the tank you do not have to deal with cold water before the required hot water arrives. These systems provide water at consistent temperatures on demand.

There are instances when the most ideal place for a solar installation is far from your house. In such cases you can take advantage of the pressurized solar water heaters. They can be installed at a distance and still deliver hot water on demand.

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