Non pressurized solar water heater

Non Pressurized Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters can be categorized into two; non pressurized solar water heaters and pressurized solar water heaters. A non pressurized solar water heater only uses gravity to acquire cold water, heat it up and pass it down for use.

A non pressurized solar water heater can also at times be referred to as a low pressure solar water system. This is because in some instances, a bit of pressure is applied to pump water from the cold water tank up to the solar water heater tank. This happens where the cold water tank is located below the solar water heater tank.

A non pressurized solar water heater system can also be connected to shower pumps and other pumps that increase water pressure for use in the house. It therefore doesn't just limit you to low pressure water.

Most non pressurized solar water heater systems use the evacuated tubes and heat pipes to heat the water. The evacuated tubes absorb energy from the sun which is used to heat the water. The non pressurized solar water system is a simple system and therefore costs much less than the pressurized system.

If you are looking for a solar water system that will last you long and not require lots of maintenance and repairs then this is it. Due to the low pressure it applies to the tank and the connectors, a non-pressurized solar water heater can last for a really long time. The system is also very lightweight due to its simplicity. Therefore, these systems can be installed without requiring reinforcement of the roof.

To achieve good water pressure, a non-pressurized system requires to be installed on the roof of the house and not so far away from it. If it is installed at a low position, pressure reaching the house will drop. Also, if far away from the shower or where the hot water is needed, the pressure may drop due to the distance it has to travel. However, non-pressurized solar water heaters are suitable for home use and can handle the needs of many homes easily.

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