About us

Our company is a nationwide solar water heater dealer supporting residential, commercial and government customers in Kenya and beyond. We are installers and distributors of solar products, including solar water heaters, solar panels, inverters, solar water pumps, and solar batteries, among other accessories.

As a leading solar hot water system dealer, we are committed to providing the most efficient, long-lasting and state-of-the-art solar products in the world for our customers. We provide solar design, installation, and technical support to ensure that our clients get nothing but the best. We are also a registered and licensed solar contractor in the country, so you can be sure professionals handle your project.

Our company was founded in response to a rising need for high-quality, efficient and affordable solar systems for a wide array of needs. We make it possible for clients on any budget to enjoy the convenience of solar power. Our staff are professionals with years of experience in solar water heater installation. We know solar, and we ensure that you get what you need.

Trusted industry experts

Over the years, we have completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects ranging from homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, agriculture and factories. You can, therefore, rest assured that you are dealing with trusted industry experts.

In the many projects we have handled, we have dealt with clients on different budgets and requirements. Our professional solar experts can deliver beyond our clients' expectations every time.

Our company has a wide range of specialities from Solar Heating System. Get in touch with us today to get your quote or request a site visit. Browse our website to find out more about our products and how we can be of help.