150 litre solar water heater price

Solar Water System

The 150 litre solar water heater is an ideal heater for a small home with one bathroom and up to 4 members. But, do not let the small capacity fool you, this solar water heater saves you a lot of power expenses by providing free hot water for your family. They are also good performers and great environment saves. One such water heater reduces carbon emissions by 2 tons every year. What about the 150 litre solar water heater price?

A 150 litre solar water heater is more affordable than the bigger 200 and 300 litre water heaters. If you have a small family, leave as a couple or alone, the 150 litre solar water heater will ensure you have hot water running in your bathroom all day. They also come with insulated tanks that store the heated water so you get hot water to use in the evening when the sun is not shining.

The 150 solar water heater price varies depending on the type of solar heater you choose, quality and features. A high quality heater will cost you more, but your investment will pay off in the long run since it will last you long and provide you hot water consistently day and night.

But to enjoy the best 150 litre solar water heater prices you also need to choose the right solar dealer. The solar industry is a lucrative one and where there is money to be made you expect many people to run there. Unfortunately not all of the companies you will encounter are genuine. Some take advantage of the lack of information to sell products at high prices. Other's are middle men who benefit only when they sell solar products expensively to get their cut.

We are here to offer you solar water heaters at the most affordable prices. Our products come straight from the manufacturer to you without any middle men. We also use this online platform to make our solar products and services even more competitive. You can contact us today for more information about our 150 litre solar water heater prices.