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Solar Water Heater Price

Non Pressurized System

Capacity Price (Ksh)
150 L Ksh 72,000/- (Stainless 75,000)
200 L Ksh 88,000/- (Stainless 92,000)
250 L Ksh 98,000/- (Stainless 102,000)
300 L Ksh 110,000/- (Stainless 115,000)
350 L Ksh 130,000/- (Stainless 135,000)

Pressurized System (Tubes)

Capacity Price (Ksh)
150 L Ksh 110,000/- (Stainless 115,000)
200 L Ksh 130,000/- (Stainless 135,000)
250 L Ksh 145,000/- (Stainless 150,000)
300 L Ksh 170,000/- (Stainless 175,000)
350 L Ksh 190,000/- (Stainless 195,000)

Pressurized System (Flat Plate)

Capacity Price (Ksh)
200 L Ksh 135,000/- (Stainless Ksh 140,000/-)
300 L Ksh 180,000/-(Stainless Ksh 185,000/-)

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Solar Heater Prices in Kenya
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Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Heater Installation Cost Kenya
Solar Water Heater Kenya
Solar Water Heater Price in Kenya
Solar Water Heaters Kenya
Solar Water Heater Prices in Kenya
Solar Water Heater Prices in Kenya
Solar Water Heater Prices in Kenya
Solar Water Heater Prices in Kenya
Solar Water Heater Prices in Kenya

Choosing The Best

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heating entails using the sun's energy to heat water for domestic or commercial purposes. Switching to solar water heaters is a great way to reduce electricity bills and the carbon footprint.

When most people hear of solar water heating, they imagine using solar panels to generate electricity and then using electric power to heat water. However, there are different types of solar water heating systems in Kenya. These systems can be divided into active and passive solar water systems.

Types of solar water heating systems in Kenya

Passive solar water heating systems

Passive solar water heaters are usually less expensive than active solar water systems. They last longer and are more reliable when well cared for. Passive solar water heaters can be categorized into;

Thermosiphon system – in this system, hot or warm water rises to the top of the tank as cold water sinks to the bottom. The sun energy collector is installed below the tank. This is so that the water warmed or heated at the bottom rises to the tank's top for use. Care should be taken during installation to avoid damage to the roof because the water tank in this system is installed on the house's roof.

Integral collector storage (ICS) passive systems – these systems do not require any pump to move the water. The collectors and the tank are connected into one single unit. The tubes inside the panels are large in diameter to allow water to flow under normal water pressure as it gets heated. The heated water then flows to the tank, where it is stored for use.

Active solar water heating systems

Direct circulation systems – in these systems pumps are used to circulate water from storage to the collectors during sunny hours and into the home.

Indirect circulation systems – here, pumps circulate a non-freezing, heat transfer liquid through the collectors and heat exchanger. The water is heated as it flows through the heat exchanger and then flows to the home.

Solar water heating panels can either have evacuated tubes or flate plate connectors. The evacuated tubes are fitted on the roofing tiles while the flat plate connectors can either be fixed on the roof or integrated into the roof.

These solar water heaters work well in climates where temperatures do not freeze, like in Kenya. All of these solar water heaters are available but at different solar water heater prices in Kenya. Active solar water heating systems are usually more expensive than passive water heater systems.

Benefits of investing in solar water heaters

Many people looking to invest in solar water heaters Kenya, worry too much about the initial installation prices, that they pass on the opportunity. This means they pass on the many benefits of solar water heating. Here are some of the benefits it has;

Reduced energy bills – heating water is very expensive. It is estimated that about 20% of domestic energy bills go to water heating expenses. These expenses can quickly add up for large families where there is a need for more hot water.

When you install solar water heaters you use the sun's energy which is free to heat as much water as you want. As such, you reduce power bills and eventually the investment pays itself off.

You enjoy hot water all year long – There is a misconception that solar heaters do not work when it is cloudy. When you install solar water heaters you are assured hot water all year long, even during the cold June and July months or the rainy seasons.

Reduced carbon footprint–solar water heating is a green, renewable heating system which reduces the carbondioxide emissions. It is our duty to ensure that we conserve the environment for our future generations.

Low maintenance – solar water heaters require little to no maintenance once they are installed. However, it is advisable to have your system checked every three years by a professional to ensure everything is working properly. Many systems also come with five-year to ten-year warranties which means your investment is protected for that long. This also implies that solar water heating systems are long lasting and worthwhile investments for your home.

How Solar Water Heaters Work

Solar water heating systems collect heat from the sun through the solar collectors. The solar collectors are fitted on the roof of the house or at a position where they are able to capture as much solar energy as possible.

On the collector are copper tubes through which the water passes. As the incoming cold water passes through these tubes, it gains the heat energy and exists as hot water which then moves to the collection tank. You can use a tank that you already have installed in your home or have a new one installed with the system.

Solar Water Heater Prices in Kenya

One of the major concerns people have when buying solar water heating system is solar water heater Price Kenya. Installing solar water heaters requires a substantial upfront investment. However, a solar water heating system is a worthwhile investment for any home or commercial enterprise. Depending on the expected savings and the amount spent during installation, you are able to recoup the money on your investment in about five to ten years and then you start to enjoy free hot water for the rest of your life. Isn't that great?

The solar water heater prices in Kenya depends majorly on the size or capacity of the water heater and the type. The active solar water heater systems cost more than the passive ones. To heat water for more people, a bigger system with more collectors, more pipes and a bigger tank is required which translates to more costs. However, bigger households also enjoy bigger savings at the end of the month.

You can check out our solar water heater price list in Kenya to know how much it would cost you to install a solar water heater that will suit your needs.

If you are in the market for solar water heaters, then we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.